Running Seminar

On Wednesday 26th November our Back on Track Team presented a Running Seminar to more that fifty enthusiastic local runners. The presentation included the fundamentals of load and its relationship in injury, how improve your running pain and the latest research in running biomechanics.

In addition to a special presentation by Cheryl Schneider from Lone Dog Boot camps who presented her personal experience in training for and competing in 100km running events.

Our team of Physiotherapists at Back on Track are experts in running analysis,  as part of our comprehensive assessment you will receive;

  • Detailed injury diagnosis
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses – see how you compare to other runners!
  • Specific running strength and conditioning program.
  • Video footage of your running form with technique coaching.

If you have pain with running, book a 60 minute Running Retraining appointment to ensure you get Back On Track and Stay On Track, why settle for second best?

Running Seminar Albury